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How advantageous a weight loss surgery is?

How advantageous a weight loss surgery is?

While obesity can be checked with an effective diet and exercise regimen and safe appetite suppressor, bariatric surgery in Delhi is considered a great option for people suffering from other medical problems as well.

Obesity can cause diabetes and hypertension and if you are already suffering from these problems, the excess weight can worsen your situation. Dieting and exercising works well in the initial stages but in a later stage when body mass index (BMI) crosses 35, it is only with surgery that you can get lasting relief.

How does surgery work for obesity?

The objective of weight surgery in Delhi like gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy is to alter the anatomy of small intestines and that of the stomach to bring changes in appetite, satiety, and metabolism. Post-surgery, people have little appetite for food and they feel contended even while they are taking half of their usual diet. Also, the rate of body metabolism is increased to burn more fat.

What are the results of surgery on obesity?

According to data available, approximately 90% lose more than 50% of their excess weight post-surgery and they maintain the weight loss for a long time. Also, they feel more energetic and enthusiastic after surgery. Also, the data shows that surgery lowers the risk of death from different causes from obesity up to 40%.

Do I need to follow a strict diet and exercise schedule post-surgery?

As said earlier, obesity surgery in Delhi will only make mechanical changes to help reduce your appetite and increase body metabolism. But you need to be very careful with your diet and continue with exercises to stay fit and active in the years to come.

Do you know that weight could come back even after surgery? It is a reality and it happens with those that don’t take proper care of their health. But diet and exercise won’t be that punishing as it was used to before surgery.

Reduced appetite will help in dieting and increase metabolism will help in burning those extra calories. Your bariatric surgeon in Delhi will prescribe a diet and exercise regimen to help maintain the weight loss. And any negligence or laxity on your part in following that regimen will have a negative impact on your health.

Should I opt for surgery to cure obesity?

Let a senior and experienced obesity surgeon in Delhi examine your body and suggest surgery before you jump to any conclusion. It is only a surgeon that can suggest a treatment option.


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